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Fascia Fundamentals

Enhance your skills and improve treatment outcomes.

Grow your practice by attending this fantastic highly practical 2-day in--person workshop. Fascia Fundamentals delivers effective easy-to-use hands-on skills that can be immediately integrated into your clinical practice.

It is ideal for therapists new to MFR, or those wishing to expand their current MFR skills.

What will I learn?

Fascia Fundamentals

Grow your practice with MFR

This workshop will provide you with the foundation framework to begin, or enhance, your soft tissue and myofascial training. It also offers progression on to the Certificate in Integrated Myofascial Therapy (CiMFT) or the Advanced Clinical Diploma in Integrated Myofascial Therapy (AdvDipiMFT).

Myofascial Release (MFR) is a valuable, exciting and dynamic approach suitable for all therapists embarking on their first myofascial and soft tissue training. It also offers skill enhancement and technique refinement for those therapists with existing skills.

Whether you are a physiotherapist, sports massage therapist or soft tissue manual therapist, this course provides the fundamental principles of working with the soft tissues of the body.

MFR UK is a leading training provider with 20 years of experience in delivering informative, practical and professional workshops. This foundation course will increase your therapeutic effectiveness and provide enhanced clinical outcomes that are both measurable and functional.

Covid-19 brought the need for therapists to think outside the box. Fascia Fundamentals not only gives you great hands-on skills but also offers you an introduction to valuable self-care approaches and easy-to-understand body reading and postural assessment which can be done via video conferencing as well as face-to-face in your treatment room.

Skills that you can use immediately.

This course can be used as CPD but also provides an access route to the Certificate in Integrated Myofascial Therapy (CiMFT) or the Advanced Clinical Diploma in Integrated Myofascial Therapy (AdvDipiMFT). *

*Therapists have the option to upgrade from the Fascia Fundamentals workshop to CiMFT or AdvDipiMFT. CiMFT must be completed prior to AdvDipiMFT. It is not mandatory for therapists to complete Fascia Fundamentals as a pre-requisite to CiMFT or AdvDipiMFT however, please see the specific core qualification pre-requisites on the CiMFT and AdvDioiMFT pages. Please contact us for the detail of the preferential upgrade costs. 


Venues and Dates

What Fascia Fundamentals includes

  • Attend live workshops at any venue
  •  2-day fun-packed and informative workshop
  •  Effective soft tissue and myofascial techniques
  •  Valuable scar tissue approaches
  •  Easy-to-understand body reading and postural assessment


  • Fundamental self-care approaches
  •  Use as a stand-alone CPD workshop
  •  Workshop manual provided
  •  Preferential upgrade rate to the CiMFT or AdvDipiMFT*
  •  Obtain a certificate for insurance
Who can attend?
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This course is for qualified manual therapists only including:

  • Sports, remedial, soft tissue, Swedish, Holistic or Therapeutic massage therapists – qualified at National Occupation Standard (NOS) level 3 or above (including Anatomy and Physiology at level 3)
  • Other qualified manual therapists such as Bowen, Thai and Shiatsu etc. can also attend (must also have Anatomy and Physiology at level 3)
  • physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and sports therapists. 

This course is NOT suitable for Beauty/SpaTherapists, Reflexologists, Movement Therapists, Energy and Reiki Therapists, and those without formal recognised NOS manual therapy qualifications.

Online qualifications are not considered a suitable pre-requisite.

MFR UK reserves the right to refuse course access to anyone who does not meet the above pre-requisites.


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