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Certificate in Integrated Myofascial Therapy

Become a QUALIFIED MFR Therapist

MFR UK raises the bar on MFR education. The Certificate in Integrated Myofascial Therapy (CiMFT) is a 200 hour qualification delivered as a blended learning (part online and part face to face) programme.

After successful completion of the course, you will be awarded the Certificate in Integrated Myofascial Therapy and can call yourself a Qualified Myofascial Release Therapist

What will I learn?

The Certificate in Integrated Myofascial Therapy

An in-depth look at CiMFT

Our CiMFT blended learning format provides you with so much more theoretical information that can be reviewed at your leisure. This results in our in-person attendance workshops remaining practically focused, giving you more time to experience, practise and perfect MFR. This combined format provides a comprehensive, flexible but fully supported learning environment, equipping you with a variety of new techniques that will enhance your therapeutic effectiveness and improve treatment outcomes.

This course can be completed in as little as 5-6 months. However, you must have attended the practical workshops, completed the entire course content including unit quizzes, submission of 3 case studies (two treatments each case study) and one reflective assignment paper to gain your qualification. Full support is provided for these theoretical elements. You can however take longer and study at your own pace, taking a maximum of 18 months to complete it. Access to course content is restricted to 18 months however, extensions for extenuating circumstances will be considered on an individual basis.

What CiMFT includes

  • 200-hour qualification course
  • 2 x 2-day in-person workshops
  • Attend live workshops at any venue
  • Access to MFR UK learning hub in any device*
  • Learning hub App to learn on-the-go
  • Pelvic Balancing Pro included worth £397
  • 1 x pair pelvic position blocks worth £30
  • Over 45 technique videos
  • Soft tissue, direct, myofascial techniques
  • The modern and sustained approach to myofascial release
  • Scar tissue techniques
  • Cranial and intraoral techniques
  • Assessment for leg-length discrepancies and pelvic asymmetry 
  • Lecture presentations and research articles
  • Downloadable theory document
  • Live Zoom meetings throughout the course
  • Private member FB group
  • 1 x 60 min self-myofascial release Zoom class
  • Preferential upgrade rate to Advanced Clinical Diploma
  • Free access to student practice clinics for course duration*
  • 1 year free directory listing post qualification
  • 1 year free use of CiMFT logo post qualification
  • *18 months access to course material
  • Post-qualification eligibility to MFR Pelvic Floor workshop
  • Insurance to practice
  • Payment plans available



An amazing learning experience with CiMFT

This course is designed to enhance your therapeutic touch and kinaesthetic awareness. It will provide you with effective techniques and skills to alleviate symptoms associated with chronic pain, refine posture and function and improve sports performance.

The online component comprises inspiring and thought-provoking lecture presentations, research articles and current theory and science of fascia, pain and MFR. Our professional online learning platform means that content is accessible anywhere, at any time and can be accessed as often as you need as you complete the course.

Who can attend CiMFT?

Advanced Clinical Diploma in Integrated Myofascial Therapy

Becoming a Myofascial Release Practitioner will provide you with the CiMFT training and skills but will also add so much more.

If you would like to specialise in MFR with techniques and rehabilitation, then look at the AdvDiMFT.

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Pre-requisites for CiMFT

CiMFT is for qualified manual therapists only. This includes physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and level 4 (and above) manual therapists (sports, holistic, massage etc).

Manual therapists (sports, holistic, massage etc) at level 3 must additionally have at least 18 months of clinical experience or have attended MFR UK's Fascial Fundamentals workshop.

Therapists must have a minimum of A&P at level 3.


Other manual therapists such as Bowen, Thai and Shiatsu etc. will be considered on an individual basis – please email us

CiMFT is NOT suitable for Beauty/Spa Therapists, Reflexologists, Movement Therapists, Energy and Reiki Therapists. 

Online qualifications/courses are not considered a suitable pre-requisite.

MFR UK reserves the right to refuse course access to anyone who does not meet the above pre-requisites.


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